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Whitney is in the Gym! Here Whitney works on the Elite Compulsory Balance Beam Routine. There were a couple of wobbles, but nobody’s perfect (the next routine she did was flawless, but her cameraman, who has flaws, didn’t film it). Working hard to get better every day!

Elite Compulsory Beam Routine
Begin in third position high relevé at end of the beam
1 st Section:
• Perform two continuous ballistic kicks forward, side and back closing each in tight third. Then an immediate dynamic needle kick back returning to high relevé with foot closing in back (small steps permitted into kicks). Arms in second position for front & side kicks. Arms circle down then up during back kicks. Arms upwards in needle kick and high relevé position.
• Execute a sissoné, close leg front, connected immediately to a second sissoné, swing the rear leg forward to finish position rear leg extended with toe pointed. Move or step to lunge position. Travel forward during sissonés with arms in oblique up position (45 degrees).
• One or two steps and execute a ½ turn in forward passé (foot by knee); start and finish in high relevé. Arms; start the turn with same arm forward as lunge leg. Other arm in side position. During turn arms move sideward, upward, finishing in crown. Lower from relevé to an immediate forward passé developé to horizontal leg hold back to relevé or; 1 or 2 steps forward to horizontal leg hold in relevé. Leg hold is held for 2 counts. From ½ turn the arms move from crown to side as lowering to heel and circle to crown as they arrive in the horizontal hold. Arms lower to side stepping forwards from hold.
2nd Section:
• One or two steps to a 180° switch split leap (legs must be straight, not a stag split). Arms optional. One step forward then close legs together into two connected elements. Split jump to immediate back tuck salto. Show a strong finish with arms oblique upwards at the end of salto. Execute a relevé ½ turn. Arms optional.
• One or two steps forwards to a full turn on one leg in high relevé finishing in a balance position. Free leg optional. Arms; start the turn with same arm forward as lunge leg. Other arm in side position. During turn arms move sideward, upward, finishing in crown.
3 rd Section:
• With leg lifted high forward, execute a back walkover passing through handstand. Finish in high relevé arms upwards feet together.
• Front walkover (or front handspring) to immediate arms circle overhead (2) back handsprings directly connected. Both handsprings are step out and finish in a controlled lunge landing, arms up. • 0.2 Bonus: If the gymnast performs the front handspring directly connected to the back handsprings.
4 th Section:
• Perform a round off and or back handspring connected to a salto dismount onto landing surface. The dismount used, must be the “root skill” of an optional dismount.
• Gymnast may move forwards or backwards (or ½ turn for back handspring series) to start position for dismount. • 0.2 Bonus: If the gymnast performs (2) directly connected back handsprings or round off back handspring into the dismount.

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